Top 10 consulting firms in Nigeria in 2021

Top consulting firms in Nigeria 2021

Why another list of the top consulting firms in Nigeria, you might ask. Well, top lists always have a nice ring to them for starters, and consulting firms are the rave at the moment.

Is there a need for consulting firms?

The business ecosystem is constantly evolving, new policies, technologies, competitors, even new disruptors cropping up from every corner. More than ever, it has become more difficult for organizations to thrive. For the new start-ups, staying afloat beyond the first couple of years is key. While the established organizations have to worry about remaining relevant, and not losing market share to the competition.


To remain relevant, organizations must remain ahead of the competition by constantly innovating and riding the trends. It is a difficult act to juggle, and this is where consulting firms thrive. Consulting firms are made up of experts in various fields of business, who offer their expert advice to organizations for a fee. The experience they bring to the table can save organizations loads of resources, help them avoid business or project failures as well as help them actualize their goals and business objectives.


The popularity of management consulting firms stems from the fact that regardless of the sector a business operates, management consulting firms often have experts in those industries and these experts possess so much experience in such field with proven track records and can assist organizations navigate the perceived difficult phases in business.


With management consultants in charge of the strategic aspect of your business, you can focus more on other areas of need of the business and simply deploy solutions created by the management consultants. You cannot miss it as they help you take the best business decisions which are often times bespoke to your organization’s needs and indeed, this is how they grow as well.


Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top consulting firms in Nigeria as at the year 2021.

Eunoia consulting marketing consultant team conducting some market research

KPMG has been operating in Nigeria since 1978, providing multidisciplinary professional services to both local and international organizations within the Nigerian business community. Their vision is to build and sustain a reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring their people, clients and communities achieve their full potential. At KPMG, they are committed to working with their clients to cut through complexities of the business world – finding solutions and adding value.

Accenture believes in making change work for their clients. With the post-digital age showing no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation being greater than ever, they meet their clients wherever they are on their paths to change—in every industry across the globe—and partner with them to create lasting value.

PwC has been operating in Nigeria for over half a century. They are one of the leading professional services firms in the country. They are guided by one promise – to do what is right, be it with their people, clients, community, or environment. To achieve their aim to be recognized as the ‘the world’s leading professional services firm, they are quite innovative, responsible and attract outstanding people.

Eunoia Consulting Limited is a leading world class multi-sector consultancy company in Nigeria with strong areas of expertise in Management Consulting, Market Research and Feasibility Studies, Change and Corporate Innovation Management, Strategic Policy Formulation and Strategic Management, Business Development, Business Process Improvement, Accounting and Tax Management Services, Due diligence, Supply Chain Management, and Capacity Building/Trainings.


Their experience cuts across various sectors in the economy such as: Finance, Oil and Gas, Renewable energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Information and Communications Technology, Real Estate, Construction, Events and Project Management, Educational Services, Hospitality amongst others delivering excellent services for their large clientele base.


Indeed, their clients have given great satisfactory reviews about them especially with some making statements such as “they have this unexplainable flavor in consulting, and they make very strategic business decisions easy to take”

Deloitte is owned by the renowned Akintola Williams. It caters to a host of services spread across auditing, financial advisory, legal operations, human capital, risk management and business strategy.


Although they are regarded as a member of one of the big 4 auditing firms in Nigeria,  they also possess great expertise in advisory services and have a proven track record of offering strong strategies capable of helping businesses scale up their operations.

Since 2002, McKinsey has played an active part in driving growth and accelerating development in Nigeria. Their team of highly qualified consultants, from Nigeria and around the world, help government leaders reform key institutions, build skills, expand infrastructure, and shape the growth of major economic sectors. They help leading Nigerian companies win as regional and global champions, and multinationals build high-impact African operations.

Founded in 1992 & headquartered in Nigeria, is a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Africa through offices in Lagos & Abuja. They are a leading provider of transformation, technology and outsourcing services. Whether you are an international corporation or a small startup, their agile approach to problem-solving and strategic planning will help to scale new heights and shape change.


These firms are the top consulting firms in Nigeria presently, and widely recognized with a proven record. They are known as the best in providing excellent services to their clients in their fields. Their high standards are what has planted them firmly in the list of top consulting firms in Nigeria for 2021.


Should you be considering starting up a business, scaling up an existing business or simply have a seemingly complex project to run and are unsure of how to go about generating the ideas of getting this done as well as implementing the business strategies, then you definitely need to consider contacting a management consultant and you do not need to search further as any of the top 7 management consulting firms are able to help you navigate this phase of your business.

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Top consulting firms in Nigeria in 2021