Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Eunoia consulting has a lot of experience advising oil companies, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oilfield service firms, and investors, as they seek to compete in the dynamic oil industry. We provide guidance through the entire process from deploying the latest innovations in fossil fuels and alternative energy sources, to maximizing the value of existing reserves. Wherever you are, we will help you develop the right strategy that is sure to give you an advantage.


What we do

Our team of oil and gas experts combine global experience, unique approaches and strategic insights to help our clients respond to changes in the market and unlock significant value.
We’re prepared to discuss the market’s key challenges, including price volatility, as well as the opportunities related to cost and productivity, supply chain, operating models and more. We support critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions, from business unit strategy and supply chain management to organization and IT.

We help organizations involved in several subsectors of the oil and gas industry, including:

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